LBP Creation Walkthrough

1. Input a valid ERC-20 contract address for your project token

2. Input the number of ERC-20 tokens to be added to the LBP

3. Give those tokens an initial value by collateralizing them and selecting a start weight

The available collateral assets are WETH, DAI, or USDC. Liquidity will be provided with the resulting balances and weights. The value of the collateral can be potentially amplified by up to 99 times by weighing it as lower proportion within the liquidity pool.

4. Set a duration for the LBP

5. Set the start and end weights for the LBP

Steps 2 - 5
This step, in combination with the start weights and token balances, creates the price decay effect for LBPs.

6. Set the project description, add a learn more URL, and configure the LBP swap fee

7. Create and schedule the LBP by signing all the necessary transactions

8. Enable trading within the LBP at exactly the time when the weights are scheduled to start changing (i.e. the start time of the LBP)
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