Acquiring $MIST ⚗️

Getting $MIST ⚗️

Ever traded coins on a DEX? If so you know how to do this already.

When using Uniswap, please note that due to low liquidity on Uniswap V3, extra slippage might mean you will not get the best price for your purchase. Please use this Uniswap V2 link to perform the token swap using Uniswap.

  1. Head to Uniswap

  2. Connect MetaMask wallet

  3. Enter the amount of ⚗️ you wish to purchase, ensuring you have an equivalent value of ETH remaining to use for the subscribing

  4. Hit "Swap", make necessary approvals via MetaMask, wait for the transaction to complete

  5. Navigate to[your Ethereum wallet address] to view pending transactions and all tokens associated with your account.

    • if you use MetaMask you can click the triple dots and then "View on Etherscan" to jump to it:

  6. You should see your new ⚗️ displayed like the following:

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