Frequently Asked Questions [out of date]

Who owns Alchemist?

MIST token holders own and govern the protocol. They benefit from value accrued to MIST generated by products built within Alchemist. Most of the teams and founders within the Alchemist incubator began their journey as adventurous community members eager to build within web3 with guidance from established builders within the crypto space.

Where can I get ⚗️ ($MIST) ?

We recommend using Uniswap

Over time $MIST is bound to appear on other trading sites, when this happens these places can be identified by using Coingecko or CoinMarketCap.

What is total/circulating supply?

Circulating supply and total supply are the same. This started with 1,000,000, but increases by 1% every two weeks. The current supply is shown on etherscan.

Do you plan pre/private/public sale?

There are no sales. We held an initial Balancer pool and all ETH raised were deposited into the reward program.

Does the token have inflation?

Inflation is currently 1% every two weeks but can be modified up or down. To avoid being diluted by inflation, Subscribe your ⚗️$MIST in the Aludel reward program.

The current allocation of the inflation tokens is:

50% to Aludel reward pool, 25% to $MIST community multisig & 25% to $MIST treasury.

What can I do with my ⚗️$MIST?

A liquidity provider reward program has been deployed for the ⚗️$MIST/ETH Uniswap pool using Crucibles. This reward program is called the Aludel v1.5. (Think of this as a staking smart contract designed by our guildmaster).

Vote in Alchemist Governance.

Project Multisignature Wallets

Original Alchemist Multisig

Multisig Key holders were chosen based on trust and contributions to the project.

Current multisig signers are:

Alchemist Council Multisig

Multisig holders are comprised of community elected council members

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