About Alchemist
The only plan is there is no plan.
Alchemist was started with a tweet by @thegostep.
There is no “dev team”. There is no company. There is only a community of Alchemists figuring out what to build in the open.
There is no roadmap. An Alchemist never makes forward-looking statements, simply because the future is unpredictable.

How do I become an Alchemist?

Becoming an Alchemist requires learning and practice. Training is a way of life for a true alchemist. There is no final destination, only continuous change.
⚗️ $MIST is used to coordinate and reward committed Alchemists. Whether you are an artist, a developer, a community manager, or a liquidity provider, there is a role for you.
Come meet the other alchemists at discord.alchemist.wtf and offer your skills in the #council-proposal channel.
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