The Alchemist Council

Alchemist Council is a democratically elected body to which the community has delegated executive power.

The Council’s mission is to strategically position Alchemist to achieve its maximum potential. Mainly, the Council will be tasked with: reviewing the performance and budgets of existing projects, approving new projects for incubation, and making the final decision on anything that relates to the Alchemist ecosystem. The Council serves as the delegated voice for Alchemist community members, and as such it will work on any matter that serves the community’s interests.

The Council continually takes note of your questions and thoughts and strives to address them via our community calls, communications, and office hours (held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm UTC in Additionally, if you have any proposals that you'd like to discuss with the greater community as well as bring them up to a Council vote you can submit them through the Alchemist Council Proposal form.

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