Sablier Vesting Mechanism

Alchemist utilizes Sablier to send vested MIST to its contributors in the form of streams. A vested MIST stream has a start date, an end date, a receiver address, and a quantity of MIST.

Once a vested stream kicks off, the receiver of the stipend begins accruing claimable MIST proportionate to the amount of time that has passed since the start date.

Vested MIST streams don't stack on top of each other. To get the claimable MIST the receiver must perform an Ethereum transaction per stream. So if a receiver wants to claim from all their streams they will need to perform as many Ethereum transactions as there are streams.

If you are an Alchemist contributor and are receiving vested MIST, go to your Sablier dashboard at to view your incoming streams. And check out the Sablier docs at


A community member, AlcheMisty, has built a Twitter bot for one of Alchemist's projects, Chaos Labs and also a Dune Dashboard of MIST vesting stats for Alchemist. The Alchemist Council has decided to send this contributor:

  1. Stream 1: 120 vested MIST over a period of 12 months for the Twitter bot

  2. Stream 2: 900 vested MIST over a period of 36 months for the Dune Dashboard.

After half a year AlcheMisty decides to claim the accrued MIST from each stream. Let's first calculate how much that is for each stream:

  1. Stream 1: (6/12) * 120 = 60 claimable MIST

  2. Stream 2: (6/36) * 900 = 150 claimable MIST

To claim their MIST AlcheMisty has to kick off 2 separate Ethereum transactions to the Sablier contracts, one for each stream. Once the transactions are complete AlcheMisty will have 210 MIST in their wallet.

The remainder of AlcheMisty's stream will continue accruing linearly relative to the start dates rather than the time AlcheMisty made their first MIST claims from the streams.

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