Alchemist Products

An overview of the products currently being developed within Alchemist.

All areas contributing value within Alchemist can be seen as a products that are being fine tuned to be more effective. Some of these products are incubated projects while others serve as structures to fulfill Alchemist's operational needs.

The current product areas within Alchemist are:

  • Alchemist Council - The Council is elected by the community vote and is responsible for making sure the utility of Alchemist keeps growing and is maximized, developing and formalizing the frameworks for how Alchemist operates, allocating inflation funding, appointing the Core lead, and making decisions on new incubations.

  • Alchemist Core - The Core is comprised of all the necessary functions responsible for maintaining Alchemist's day to day operational needs. Some of the Core's responsibilities are: ensuring that infrastructure is running for all teams, the Core treasury and budget is healthy, the community social channels are running smoothly, Alchemist culture is growing, and fulfilling Alchemist's business development and marketing needs. The Head of Core is appointed by the Council.

  • Crucible - Alchemist's first incubated product. Crucible is a smart contract wallet that allows a single LP position to subscribe to multiple reward programs, store ERC-20 tokens securely with the wallet, and transfer the Crucible and its contents to other addresses within a single transaction. A Crucible adds another layer of protection over your standard wallet by giving you more control over your assets.

  • Fjord Foundry - Fjord Foundry (formerly known as Copper) was incubated within Alchemist and is a community platform connecting inspired projects with passionate supporters via Balancer's Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs). With over 130 communities served (such Merit Circle, Vesta Finance, Crypto Unicorns, and many others) Fjord LBPs are the de facto point of origin for emerging DAOs coming onchain and bootstrapping their initial liquidity pools.

  • Fjord NFTs - Fjord NFTs is a platform innovating on the NFT mint process, providing users equal opportunity and access to their favorite NFT projects. A Fair Drop is a new fair launch NFT drop style built on top LBP technology that was created to solve many of the problems faced by NFT launches, such as users facing gas wars, mints getting botted, and NFT creators having to stress about accurately pricing their collections.

  • Alchemist Radio - The Radio is a foundational piece of Alchemist culture. Can music, art & culture help you achieve immortality? LIVE every Friday 21 UTC within the Alchemist Discord.

  • Chaos Labs - Launched in December 2022, Chaos Labs, is the Alchemist tool for building out ideas through community contributions.

  • Room 33 - Room 33 is the Alchemist Gallery and Artist Incubator built on top the Museum of Crypto Art's (MOCA) multiverse art gallery NFTs, capable of showcasing art in many metaverses simultaneously.

  • Paulo's Quest - A Wizard’s Quest To Find The Philosopher's Stone. Are you in? Hint:, Ctrl + Q or Ctrl + H.

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