Guide: Inflation [out of date]

What is Inflation?

Since inception of the Alchemist project and the ⚗️ token, our token supply has been configured to increase the circulating supply by 1% every 14 days.

This process is managed by our StreamV2 contract. The StreamV2 contract is responsible for interacting with our ⚗️ token contract in order to mint the tokens and then distribute them to the correct destinations.

At current the distribution of inflation is divided into 3 pieces:

  1. 50% is distributed to the Aludel v1.5 (Crucible Documentation)

  2. 25% is distributed to the Fractal

  3. 25% is distributed to the Treasury

The StreamV2 contract is permissionless, this means that once the 14 days have passed since the previous inflation, anyone can make the contract call to mint and distribute the tokens.

How to call inflation?

Inflation can be called by invoking the advanceAndDistribute() function on the StreamV2 contract located at 0xebf421c83069143f3bd29A5C690Df97CC261E49c - View on Etherscan

Calling inflation is quite a straight forward event, but before attempting to call it you must ensure the following:

  1. Make sure the last time the Advanced and Distribute function was successfully called more than 14 days ago.

  2. Ensure that the previous transaction that you're using for reference was a successful one and does not show an orange warning symbol.

Here is an example of a failed call (orange warning symbol):

Here is an example of when to know that it's safe to call inflation:

Once you're ready to call inflation, the easiest way to do so is to do it via Etherscan using the Write Contract section.

Calling Inflation

First of all you will need to connect your wallet, click the Connect to Web3 button on this page and then connect your wallet.

You will want to locate the advanceAndDistribute function, expand it by clicking on it.

Once you've expanded it and are ready to call inflation, click the Write button, this will trigger a transaction on your wallet.

Confirm the transaction and the process should start.

Once your transaction has been successful, you should be able to see the transaction appear on the StreamV2 Transaction log. If you view the transaction you should be able to see something similar:

Congratulations! You've now called inflation and funded the Aludel reward program, Multisig and Treasury.

Important Addresses

These address are up-to-date at the time of writing. You can refer to our GitHub page for a more comprehensive list of addresses.

Contract Address





Aludel v1.5





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