Why use Crucible?

Crucible is a smart contract wallet that has been designed to mitigate a common Defi issue by enabling users to self-custody their staking tokens while participating and earning rewards in reward programs.

This is enabled through user minted NFT+Smart Contract (Crucible) which has built-in vault functionalities, where delegates (such as reward program contracts) can lock assets within a users Crucible on behalf of the user through permission signing (Aludels).

There are over 8000 unique Crucible owners and >9,800 minted on mainnet alone.

Reference: ​​https://etherscan.io/token/0x54e0395cfb4f39bef66dbcd5bd93cca4e9273d56

Crucibles have also been designed to allow a user to “Rage Quit” from any delegate at any given time, the cost to do so is the forfeit of rewards accumulated for the specific program, allowing users to safely release their staked tokens even in the event of interacting with a rogue reward/delegate contract or if a contract is emergency shutdown. This prevents projects from malicious intent, for example trying to permanently lock a users staked tokens.

This implementation is currently live on Ethereum mainnet & Avalanche. TVL of reward programs alone on mainnet is ~15m (>100m at peak, over 220m cumulatively through all programs so far).

Data: https://defillama.com/protocol/alchemist (toggle Pool2)

Crucibles also has some highly detailed, dynamic artwork which evolves based on the users reward program activity/participation

You can view artwork of users Crucibles via https://crucible.wtf/explore.

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