Frequently Asked Questions
Please watch this Video on Impermanent loss before subscribing LP

How do I participate in a reward program / How do I mint a Crucible NFT?

Crucible only supports the Uniswap V2 Liquidity Pool. Adding liquidity to the Uniswap V3 pool is not compatible with the Rewards Program.
Do not use Brave browser as it is not compatible with the process at this time and your transaction will fail, resulting in lost fees.
We do not recommend using a hardware wallet at this time as many do not currently support EIP-712 signing. When they fix this, we can implement it.
Some users have reported issues with Trustwallet.
We do not recommend you do this on a mobile.
Please use the guide How do I mint a Crucible? to learn more about this process.

Why can’t I see my ⚗️Mist in my wallet?

You can add the contract address 0x88acdd2a6425c3faae4bc9650fd7e27e0bebb7ab to make them visible. Token Symbol: ⚗️ Token Decimal: 18

Why can’t I see my LP in my wallet?

You can add the contract address 0xcd6bcca48069f8588780dfa274960f15685aee0e to make them visible. Token Symbol: UNI-V2 Token Decimal: 18

Why can’t I see my Crucible in my wallet?

You can add the contract address 0x54e0395CFB4f39beF66DBCd5bD93Cca4E9273D56 to make your Crucible(s) visible. Token Symbol: CRUCIBLE-V1 Token Decimal: 0

How do I become an certified Alchemist in Discord?

  • Please use this guide
  • Join Discord
  • Go to the Welcome channelType !join
  • You will then get a message from the Collab.Land bot
  • Connect Your wallet containing your ⚗️ $mist
  • The bot will then message you ~ Updating roles, Please check assigned roles in Alchemist
  • Close bot and return to the main alchemy channel and you will now be a certified Alchemist!

How do I claim the rewards?

All rewards are received when you Claim Rewards and Unsubscribe LP in full. Be careful, this also resets your reward multiplier.

Does it matter how many tokens go into the Crucible?

The more tokens that are 'subscribed' to a reward program the larger percentage of the rewards pool you will receive. There is no minimum amount required, but we do suggest you be mindful of the ethereum gas cost when considering this.
Adding ERC20 tokens into your Crucible that are not subscribed to a program will not gain you any additional rewards.

Is it more advantageous to have more Crucibles or a higher Subscription in one Crucible?

It’s almost always better to accumulate LP in a single Crucible as it minimizes the gas costs.
The only time you would use multiple Crucibles is if you aim to transfer / sell a Crucible with or without an active LP subscription on it.

What is the maximum number of crucibles that can be created?

An unlimited number of crucibles can be created. Please note that if you visit etherscan, please disregard the word "Max" in "Max Total Supply" because the supply is unlimited. The "Max Total Supply" shown on etherscan simply indicates the total number crucibles created so far.

How does unsubscribing impact the reward multiplier?

Every time you put tokens into a reward program, it keeps track of how long those tokens are Subscribed. The program then applies a reward multiplier (if applicable). When you claim a partial amount, the reward program first claims from the Subscription with the lowest multiplier (Last In, First Out).

How does the multiplier work?

The multiplier is a release mechanism that will scale your rewards until you reach the full portion of the pool that you're entitled to.
Using Aludel v1.5 as an example; the program has a max multiplier of 10x a minimum multiplier of 1x and a scaling period of 60 days.
Let's say you have 10 LP tokens currently staked and there is a total of 1000LP tokens staked to the pool, this means you have staked 1% of the total staked amount in the program. That means that you should be eligible to 1% of the tokens that are available in the program.
However when you start, you are at 1x of your multiplier, what this means is that you would be entitled to % of total stake * min multiplier / max multiplier = your current eligibility or 1% * 1/10 = 0.1% of the pool.
Let's assume the pool has 100 MIST tokens, at 1x you would be entitled to 0.1 MIST tokens and at 10x you would be entitled to 1 MIST token.
Every second you are in the pool during the scaling period of 60 days, the portion of the pool that you are eligible for grows towards your full eligibility. The calculation has a direct impact to the amount of rewards that are displayed to you and is always represented in the amount of rewards displayed.
To work out what percentage is available to you at any time, you can work out your multiplier with the following formula: ((your max percentage of pool * duration staked days * (max multiplier - 1))/max multiplier)/scaling period days) + (your max percentage of pool * (1/max multiplier))
With the example above, at 10 days you would be eligible to 0.25% of the pool, at 40 days you are eligible to 0.7% of the pool
1%*10*(9)/10/60+(1%*(1/10)) = 0.25%
Once you reach 10x you would be entitled to 1 MIST from that balance. If another 100 MIST gets dropped into the program and is fully released (deposits have their own release mechanism) - then you will be eligible for 2 MIST in total (1 MIST from before and 1 MIST from the newest deposit)
These examples are on the assumption that the participation of the pool doesn't change, but simple enough to demonstrate how the multiplier works.

Can I somehow see how much rewards I have acquired in the meantime?

You can see the accumulated reward for your crucible by using the UI at and the accumulated Uniswap LP fees earned using or (Uniswap LP fees earned will show as ⚗️, and WETH or ETH).

Can I add more LP to an existing Crucible?

Yes. The gas for adding more LPs to your current Crucible will be much lower than when you initially minted a Crucible. Each Subscription event is independent, so any LP you add will start their own multiplier independently. Subscribing more LP will not reset any other reward multiplier.

Does “Claim & Unsubscribe” remove my tokens & rewards from the Crucible?

No. This only claims the rewards earned, your LP will remain in the Crucible until you use the Assets Management tab to withdraw your tokens.

Does withdrawing all tokens destroy the Crucible?

No, it only empties it. You retain the empty Crucible. Please note that after a crucible is created, it cannot be destroyed.

Can I transfer the Crucible NFT to another wallet?

Yes, the ownership of the NFT (and the Subscribed LP tokens) can be transferred to any ERC721 compatible wallet. This can be done via the "Transfer" option on

If I transfer my Crucible from one wallet to another will that reset the multiplier?

No, as long as the rewards are not unsubscribed from the reward program.
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