Artwork of the Crucible

For information on how to view your Crucible artwork, please refer to the FAQ sections:

The Crucible artwork is not just an image or a video, but it’s an interactive visualization, fully 3D and rendered in real-time. It’s not only a generative piece of art based on your crucible ID, but also an evolving and living companion to your DeFi journey. The Crucible artwork will change with time and with your interactions, and will also act as a gateway to future possibilities with the Alchemist ecosystem.

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The Crucible Elements

With over 20 billion possible variations, every Crucible possesses its own set of distinctive traits with variations in texture, color and 3D model. The variation for each trait has a rarity and is picked based on the transaction details of when the crucible was minted. Each trait represents one aspect of the Crucible and will evolve over time with new features.

The Crucible artwork also represents your current and historical interactions. Even if you have unsubscribed from reward programs, your progress is represented. But of course, having assets locked in your Crucible will also make it look more alive.

The Shell

Containing the other pieces is the shell, which is composed of a few different pieces, making each Shell very different to the other.

The Shell is made of an Outer Ring, an Inner Ring, an Ornament Ring, a Star and a piece of Glass on top. Each of them are generated and picked separately creating a special combination.

The Central Piece & Gems

The gem in the center powers the whole crucible

Based on your Aludel participation — on the balance and duration of subscriptions — a level will be calculated from your Crucible.

The higher your level, the more effects will be added to your Central Gem and to the Elemental Gems around it.

The Clock

With the emphasis on balance, equilibrium, and an appreciation of the required alignments, Alchemists hold a deep respect for precision timing. Accordingly, alchemical artifacts increasingly featured delicate instruments in order to provide stringent and exacting measurements.

The Clock represents the mint timestamp of your Crucible, and clicking on it will show the mint number of your Crucible and the mint date.

The Reward Programs

Your participation in Reward Programs is represented by a disc with 8 slots in the back of your Crucible. Based on your history of participation, the Crucible will represent up to 8 reward programs you subscribe to.

A new coin will be added for each reward program, and coins will be stacked as your multiplier grows. When you reach the highest multiplier, a total of 10 coins will be stacked creating a tower of coins, with the project that created the program’s logo on top of it, glowing.

Frame & The Balance Rings

Around the frame of the Crucible and encircling its core elements there’s a piece with 4 arcs engraved on it on each side. If your Crucible has locked assets inside it, you will also notice some glowing rings show up on top of it!

The Balance Rings represent the current balanced locked in your Crucible, and only the most devoted Alchemists will reach the maximum thresholds:

  • 1st Ring: $5k

  • 2nd Ring: $10k

  • 3rd Ring: $50k

  • 4th Ring: $100k

Runes & Achievements

On the edge of the Crucible base there’s a ring formed of 27 runes. The runes represent your feats as an Alchemist, and they will get pressed down and highlighted when you unlock one of the requirements.

At this moment of launch, we have 4 Achievements:

  • Participation in Aludel v1

  • Participation in at least 3 Reward Programs

  • Achieved 100% Multiplier in at least 1 Reward Program

  • Achieved 100% Multiplier in at least 3 Reward Programs

But since we have 27 Runes, there’s many more in store.

Planetary Clock & Gyroscope

Representing the tools of alchemists of old and how they measured time, the Planetary Clock represents our connection to the Alchemist community and ecosystem.

The Gyroscope currently doesn’t represent or do anything, but this is a planned feature and more is coming

Stay tuned for new features surrounding it!

Special features for Aludel v1 Crucible holders

We did not forget our old school users, the people in our community that minted a Crucible before all this was possible.

For those who minted before Aludel v1 was turned off, we prepared a few special features:

  • A special “title” added to the name of their Crucible: “Arcane”

  • A special background visual effect, lighting up the galaxy behind them. The nebula effect is also more dense the older the crucible is, so it’s double the effectiveness

  • For the first 1000 Crucible Holders in history, a special Sticker can be seen on the bottom of the Shell!

  • The achievement for participating in Aludel v1, of course

  • Galaxy rings for all Arcane Crucibles

  • Plus more coming soon!

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