mistX API - Protection in your dApps
This simple-to-integrate API built by mistX Labs provides developers with an easy way to integrate front-running protection for their users thanks to its native Flashbots integration. It also features easy & free cancellations as well as zero cost on failed transactions, saving considerable amounts of money compared to directly sending transactions to the network.

How can I use the mistX API?

You can find the technical documentation on the mistX API here.

What type of transactions can I send ?

mistX API is compatible with any type of transactions, especially useful for swaps or NFTs where you'd want to get protection from bots and/or a faster inclusion (with a higher miner tip) .

Where can I ask questions?

In the dedicated #mistx-labs-help channel in the Alchemist Discord.

Doesn’t mistX.io DEX already offer all this?

The mistX API is made for builders / developers to integrate the mistX solution into their dApps.
The mistX DEX is made for end users who need to swap their tokens. In addition to front-running protection, free cancelations and zero cost on failed transactions, you will also get many additional end-user features such as best prices from Uniswap v2 / Uniswap v3 / SushiSwap, instant ETH cashback rewards on eligible trades, a stunning UI, an intuitive & enhance user experience, optimized fees for success, a live analysis of your trade to recommend how to speed it up or retry and more..

What does it cost to use?

Nothing, nada, zero, free, gratis, gratuit, gratuito, kostenlos, 免费.

Why is it crucial for your dApp to integrate mistX API ?

This fundamental piece of infrastructure marks a significant step in mitigating the negative effects of MEV in decentralized finance (DeFi). Making bot protection as accessible as possible to both developers and end users is a breakthrough in bringing mass adoption to DeFi and will help further cement the Alchemist ecosystem as one of the leaders in this space.

How does benefit mistX and Alchemist?

When possible, an arbitrage transaction is created and executed after the execution of your transaction (positive value extraction - it does not impact your trade). The revenue of that arbitrage transaction is shared within the third-party service providing the arbitrage transaction, mistX Labs and the miner. This is a win-win as your can benefit using mistX API for free and it has no negative impact on your trade.
Within mistX DEX product, this is called instant ETH cashback rewards as the revenue is also shared with the user as an instant transfer in ETH back to his wallet.

Can I enable cashback rewards from using the mistX API?

There are no instant cashback rewards available at the moment using the API but if you are interested to get this enabled, please contact us by email at [email protected]