Flashbots Protect API
This simple-to-integrate API built by mistX, and operated by the Flashbots team, provides developers with an easy way to integrate Flashbots into their dApps, bringing front-running protection for their users.

How it works

Using the Flashbots Protect API works as follows:
    You integrate the Flashbots Protect API into your dapp
    When users interact with your dApp their transactions are sent to the Flashbots Protect API
    A backend service receives the transaction and repeatedly submits it to the Flashbots Relay, where it is forwarded directly to miners. The transaction is submitted to each new block to maximize the chances of inclusion.
    Your dApp receives notifications on the transaction status that you can display to users.
Note that your dApp can submit a cancel request at any time.

What are the benefits over integrating with Flashbots directly?

Using the Flashbots Protect API has a few key benefits:
    Simplified execution: we abstract away the complexity of creating, signing, and submitting bundles
    High reputation: hundreds of transactions have successfully been sent through the backend service behind the Flashbots Protect API, which means we have a high reputation signing key
    Simulation: in-house simulation is performed prior to submission to Flashbots to ensure a high delivery rate and maximize reputation
The Flashbots Protect API built by mistX makes submitting transactions to Flashbots as simple as possible so that you can focus on building. If you have feature requests we’d love to hear them.

How can I use the Flashbots Protect API?

You can find documentation on the Flashbots Protect API here.

The mistX DEX has cashback rewards. Do I get cashback rewards from using the Flashbots Protect API?

No you don’t. That is only a feature of the mistX.io DEX and not a feature of the Flashbots Protect API.

Where can I ask questions?

In the dedicated #flashbots-protect channel in the Flashbots Discord.

Doesn’t the mistX.io DEX already offer all this?

Yes it does plus you also get cashback rewards. The mistX DEX is already deeply integrated with Flashbots, however, we want as many people as possible to be protected when trading.

What does it cost to use?

Nothing, nada, zero, free, gratis, gratuit, gratuito, kostenlos, 免费.

How does this benefit mistX and Alchemist?:

This fundamental piece of infrastructure marks a significant step in mitigating the negative effects of MEV in Ethereum. Making Flashbots as accessible as possible to both developers and end users is a breakthrough in bringing mass adoption to this technology and will help further cement the Alchemist ecosystem as one of the leaders in this space.
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