Limit Orders - mistX.io
You can now place limit orders on mistX, we have partnered with Gelato in order to utilise their trusted reliable order system to place, execute & cancel orders.
mistX has partnered with Gelato for limit orders

Why Gelato Network?

Gelato are market leaders and trusted industry wide, their decentralised network of bots is used by web3 developers to automate smart contract executions.
Gelato solves the issues of lacking reliability, sophistication, and centralisation around dAPPS that want to offer automatic smart contract executions within and across multiple blockchain networks in the web3 ecosystem. It was created to replace legacy centralised keeper systems with an easy to use interface and reliable infrastructure to power the next generation of DeFi, NFT and gaming applications in web3.

Use Cases for Limit Orders

You want to go long and buy MIST but think that the MIST price is likely to decrease in the short term by around 5%. To get a good entry price on your MIST position, you can place a limit order at a 5% discount to the current price, if the price of MIST starts to drop below this threshold, your order will automatically be executed by Gelato's reliable order system at your desired price.
You might want to set and forget limit orders like you would on centralised exchanges, this could be for a variety of reasons depending on your trading strategy, for example:
  • Dollar cost averaging into a position
  • Taking profit at set price levels
  • Setting low buy orders in the case of market downturn or a black swan event etc.

How does it work?

Say 1 ETH is currently worth 3000 USDC and you want to sell 1 ETH for an exact 3500 USDC. A ~ 16.6% increase in price. Input 1 ETH in the "Price" field, set the "Rate" to 3500 USDC Then you click on "Place" to submit the order.
The order will automatically execute your order when 1 ETH equals 3500 USDC + the gas cost which is required by Gelato to execute the price. Gas costs are paid by the bots, they will execute your order once the order price is met. You only pay for the gas it takes to submit the order.
Gas fees can be checked here Ethereum Gas Price​

Supported liquidity

Currently UniSwap v2 is supported by gelato and we will look to expand the range of limit order liquidity pools in the near future.

How to guide

Simply click "Limit" at the top of mistX and enter your desired output or input amount.
You edit the price field to set the price you would like the order to execute at.
You can switch the rate and reset the rate back to market price also.
Note that the "Real Execution Price" shows on the REVIEW LIMIT ORDER screen before signing the transaction & indicates at what price the order will be executed at.
This includes gas necessary to execute and guarantees the rate is fulfilled, this fluctuates with the volume of the trade and gas prices. Typically the larger the order is, the better execution price will be. If you see a large execution price with small amounts this is not a bug.
Review your limit order and sign the transaction.
Open, Fulfilled and cancelled orders can be viewed by clicking orders in the top right of the swap panel.

Is there a gas fee?

Yes, you will need to pay a gas fee when you place and cancel an order.

Are Orders protected from MEV ?

Yes your transactions are still private and protected from MEV, they are not sent to the mempool and flashbots is used to handle the transaction.
You get the same protection as normal swaps from front running sandwich attack and other types of MEV.

Is there a gas fee to execute the order?

No, Gelato's bots take care of the execution fees as explained previously.

Can I cancel my order before it gets executed?

You can cancel your order by clicking on "Cancel." You will be asked to pay the gas fee, and your tokens (Input) will be returned.

Why hasn't my order been executed?

Non-execution of transactions are mostly due to high network fees on Ethereum, meaning that you either input a very small trade amount or the rate of your trading pair did not move sufficiently in order for the Gelato bots to get compensated for executing the transaction on your behalf.

How long will it take to execute my order?

It depends on when the price moves over or under the threshold that you defined. This is up to the crypto markets themselves. It might take days for that to happen.

Is there a time limit or are the orders good until executed?

There is a 3 month expiry date from when you place the order, this is mainly a spam feature. Expired orders will display on mistX.

Are hardware wallets supported?

You can use your hardware wallet like Ledger, we highly recommend you to connect with MetaMask.