mistX.io - Swap with Protection & Instant Cashback Rewards
mistX v2

By trading on mistx.io, you will enjoy all the following features

Best prices

Trade with peace of mind, you will now get the best prices across Uniswap v2, Uniswap v3 and Sushiswap. You don’t need to worry about comparing prices between those exchanges.

Intuitive & enhanced trading experience

From the moment you land on the site to when you complete your journey, every step of the way has been accounted for and makes DeFi trading easy. As one of the new major features, mistX will analyze your trade while it’s in progress and advise on how to efficiently speed it up. It will also analyze failed transactions and offer recommendations on how to retry your trade.

Stunning user-friendly interface

If you haven’t already, go check out the new interface first. It’s beautiful right? Our devs and designers have worked closely together to give the platform a complete overhaul.

Protection from bots (front running, sandwich attacks)

Bots make you trade at a more expensive price when using other exchanges. Traders lose over 300k USD to bots every day based on MEV analysis on Uniswap and Sushiswap. Our DEX protects all trades by default seamlessly utilising our native integration with Flashbots.

No money lost on failed transactions

If your transaction doesn’t go through, you pay no gas — simple. On other exchanges, miners keep the fees of the transaction even when it fails. On mistX, you can keep retrying and only pay the fees once the trade is successful.

Easy and free cancellations

On other exchanges, you need to pay fees to send a cancellation transaction and it is usually complex to follow. On mistX, cancelling is as easy as clicking a button and does not cost anything. Let’s save on those gas fees!

Instant cashback rewards

Eligible trades can earn you instant cashback rewards. Since we launched this feature in September 2021 there has been a total of 160k USD rewarded on 530 trades with the highest single reward so far being 11.2k USD! The way this works is if there is an arbitrage opportunity after your trade is complete, it gets executed and a large chunk of the profit is returned to you.

Fees and token approvals

We’ve revamped our fees architecture to make it optimized, simpler and as transparent as possible for the user.
Approvals are only needed once per token per exchange, and fees are taken from your wallet in ETH just like any other dApp. The mistX protection fee is now fixed at 9.99 USD per trade to cover all the benefits stated above and to help us keep running mistX.


What are instant cashback rewards?

Instant cashback rewards is an amount of ETH directly sent to your wallet after a successful and eligible transaction. You will be notified if you have any earnings while trading on mistX and you can view past rewards in the Rewards page.

How can I earn instant cashback rewards ?

Your trade becomes eligible for an instant cashback reward if we are able to add what we call an arbitrage transaction after executing your trade. It is important to understand that this is executed after your trade and so does not have any negative effect for you.
An arbitrage transaction is a natural and healthy way to balance prices among several markets. For example, if you buy 2 of a token on Uniswap, that token price will now be higher on Uniswap (basic rule of offer vs demand). But the price will not have changed on SushiSwap, so we could add another trade to buy 1 of that token on SushiSwap at a cheaper price and sell it on Uniswap at a higher price. This arbitrage transaction balances the prices between Uniswap and SushiSwap markets.
The revenue generated is shared with you, the service providing the arbitrage transaction, the miner and mistX. You can find more information on our medium article.

How are the fees calculated?

The fees are organized in multiple categories:


  • Gas price
All fees are calculated per gas price and so will be higher or lower depending on the price of gas. It works exactly like a car at the gas station: if the price of the gas is 1 USD and your tank has a volume of 50 liter, you will end up paying 50 USD to fill in your tank. If the price of gas is higher, you will pay more to fill in your tank. A transaction will use an amount of gas and the same transaction will have cheaper or more expensive fees depending on the price of gas at the time of your trade.
  • LP fee
A fee taken by liquidity providers (Uniswap / Sushiswap) for their keeping their liquidity available to trade.

Transaction fees

  • Priority Fee
Represents how much you are willing to pay the miner. A higher priority fee means a faster and higher chance for a miner to pick up your transaction. You can choose a low, medium or high priority fee in mistX settings.
  • ETH base fee
A fee the Ethereum network charges for sending transactions on its network. The base fee is calculated per block and can be higher or lower depending on the block. The amount is decided by the network rules and identical for everyone (independent from users or mistX settings).
  • mistX Protection fee
A 9.99 USD fixed fee that covers all the benefits stated above and helps us keep mistX running

Can I use mistX to send transactions programmatically?

Yes, builders can integrate the mistX API in their dApps easily to get all the benefits mistX is offering. You can find more information on mistX API here