Flashbots Protect RPC
Please be aware that the Flashbots Protect RPC is in public beta. On occasion your transactions may not be mined.
By using the Flashbots Protect RPC in your wallet your trades on any DEX will be protected from frontrunning because they will be routed through Flashbots.

How it works

    Add the Flashbots Protect RPC (https://rpc.flashbots.net) to your Wallet (Click here for the full guide on how to add the RPC to Metamask).
    Trade as usual on your preferred DEX (Uniswap, Sushiswap and others), or submit any other type of transaction.
    Once you execute the transaction it will be sent to the Flashbots Protect RPC endpoint
    The Flashbots Protect RPC endpoint validates your transaction and forwards it to the Flashbots Protect API.
    Each block the Flashbots Protect API sends your transaction to the Flashbots network, where it is sent directly to miners.
    After your transaction is included on-chain then it will show as a success as it does usually on your DEX and Wallet.

How do I add the Flashbots Protect RPC to my MetaMask?

Click here for a complete guide or watch the video below.

If Flashbots Protect RPC exists why should dApps integrate the Flashbots Protect API?

By integrating the Flashbots Protect API into your dApp any user will have their transactions submitted to Flashbots regardless of which RPC endpoint they are using. In contrast, the Flashbots Protect RPC requires users to change their RPC endpoint in their wallet to have their transactions submitted to Flashbots.

How is using Flashbots Protect RPC different to using the mistX DEX?

When trading on the mistX.io DEX you benefit from free cancellations and cashback rewards. Using the RPC you can send any type of transaction on any site.

Do you get cashback rewards from using the Flashbots Protect RPC or the Flashbots Protect API?

No you don’t. That is only a feature of the mistX.io DEX and not the Flashbots Protect RPC.

What does it cost?

Nothing, nada, zero, free, gratis, gratuit, gratuito, kostenlos, 免费.

Where can I ask questions?

In the dedicated #flashbots-protect channel in the Flashbots Discord.
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