Getting Kovan Network Test Tokens

Relevant tokens and addresses

Getting tokens

  1. 2.
    For Kovan USDC or Kovan DAI, go to and click "trade" (The USDC and DAI process is simpler than that for WETH)
  2. 3.
    Enter the contract address for either USDC or DAI (copy address from above) and swap your Kovan ETH
  3. 4.
    Add the contract address for the token you swapped for and your USDC / DAI will be visible in your wallet
  4. 5.
    For Kovan WETH deposit(2) Kovan Eth, then withdraw(2) to get Wrapped Kovan Eth:
  5. 6.
    Trade Wrapped Kovan Eth for Balancer Wrapped Kovan Eth (necessary for Balancer multi-hop swaps working in on Kovan):
  6. 8.
    For setting up a Kovan ERC20 token to be auctioned you'd need to deploy your own contract to the Kovan testnet. Ex: Or you can run it using an existent token on Kovan (but it might result in side-effects for the swapping existing pools have that token already)