What is Copper?

The Platform for Fair Launch Auctions (FLAs)

Copper is the most open and user-friendly way to participate in a Fair Launch Auction (FLA). An FLA is a simple crowdfunding mechanism that enables projects and ideas from across the world to raise money from individuals without barriers to entry.

No more middlemen, capital gatekeepers, or geographical constraints. No KYC or any sort of privilege favoring the interests of larger investors over smaller ones. Capital can now flow freely and directly toward empowering the ideas that deserve it, while enabling investors of all sizes and backgrounds to fairly participate and capitalize on these early stage opportunities.

Any idea can now be bootstrapped by an invested community and thus established as a transparent and equitable partnership. This is the future of new venture funding and Copper is here to make it a reality by unlocking the world’s “value reserves” to be “mined” by anyone -- fairly, transparently and equitably.


Please note that participating in a Fair Launch Auction through Copper is a high-risk endeavor and that the value of the tokens that you've received in exchange for contributing to such an auction might go to 0. Copper is not liable for any losses incurred by using our platform.

Copper was built as a convenience tool to more easily view and track Ethereum network events emitted through Balancer Protocol's smart contracts, and in particular to more easily surface a particular subset of Balancer's Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs) that qualify under our categorization of a Fair Launch Auction. Because Ethereum is a permissionless network and Copper is merely a view into the network, the Alchemist community bears no responsibility for the quality of projects that are surfaced as Fair Launch Auctions through Copper. Be careful and do your own research before buying into any of these auctions.